Gift for Friend Idea

Recently , two of my co-workers quit.  Since they were pretty special to me, I want to make them something.  They both really liked the soy nut butter that I use. I bought a couple of jars to give to them but I wanted to decorate them up a little.  The name of the soy butter is called WOW Butter so I included that in the design. I looked for some stickers so I could use them to decorated the jar after I wrapped it. and so I would know what colors to use.  I measured the jar and cut a 4 and a quarter inch by 10 ” piece of the base paper. I figured out on the jar where the word WOW was and cut a hole using an exacto knife.  I rechecked for  accuracy. Then using a hot glue gun I wrapped the paper around the jar gluing in place so the word WOW showed thru.  I then cut a 1 ” strip for around the lid and glued it in place.  I  wanted to decorate the top of the lid also so I got out my Cricut machine and cut a design that was   2″ in diameter and in a contrasting color,doll 009 one that was  1.5 “.  I then  added the stickers to the jar. My friends really liked them.



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